27th of February 2017

SUNBULAH Board of Directors election for its 2nd period starting from 25th of March 2017

The 5th AGM for SUNBULAH (Closed joint stock Company) was held for the election of new Board members for its second period which starts from 25th of March 2017.

The meeting took place on Sunday the 26th of February 2017 – 03:00 PM at SUNBULAH headquarter in Jeddah with the presence of its Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Yousif Kurdi & the rest of the Board of Directors members.

Voting has resulted in the election of the Following candidates’ names as Board members of the company for its coming Board period starting in 25th of March 2017:-

  1. Mr. Ibrahim Yousif Kurdi
  2. Mr. Samer Ibrahim Kurdi
  3. Mr. Ziad Abdullah Al-Lohaidan
  4. Mr. Fouzan Abbas Al-Marwani
  5. Mr. Marwan Mahmoud Qutub
  6. Mr. Abdulwahab Abdulkarim Al-Betiri

Later, Elected gentlemen for SUNBULAH Board membership for its 2nd period held a meeting on the same day & have unanimously approved on designating Mr. Ibrahim Yousif Kurdi as Chairman and Mr. Samer Ibrahim Kurdi as Vice Chairman.

At the end of the meeting president of the assembly In the name of the Board of Directors has expressed thanks and appreciation to all those who attended the meeting and wished success for the elected new Board members.