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Job Title: Manager – Board & Committees’ Affairs
Position Code: 80001224
Reporting To: Chairman of the Board
Job Description Summary:

Board & Committees’ Affairs Manager is responsible for the smooth operation and wide range of administrative and executive support to the chairman and the board and to develop and provide a comprehensive organizational, administrative and programs support services for corporate offices, role involves confidential, high-level information as well as engagement with government, official and legal documents and records and community service stakeholders. This is a diverse, hands-on role which requires professionalism, interpersonal skills, energy and attention to detail and to be able to function effectively in a variety of roles within a dynamic environment under minimum supervision.

Date: 2020-02-12
Location: Jeddah
Job Purpose and Description:

The selected candidate must be able to manage all issues related to the following:

  • Board of Directors (BOD):
    • Preparation of meeting agendas.
    • Taking meeting minutes.
    • Following up on the progress of different board resolutions.

  • Board Committees:
    • Coordinating between Committees, BOD, and Executive Teams.
    • Regular follow-ups on the progress of projects handled by Committees.

  • General Assembly & Shareholders' Affairs:
    • Keeping track of shareholders' contacts, share certificates, etc.
    • Preparing for all ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings.
    • Coordinating with the Legal Department and External Lawyers on all related issues.

  • Corporate Governance:
    • Recommend regular updates on Corporate Governance Charters, in accordance with changing regulations and best practices.
    • Monitor the compliance to Corporate Governance at the Board and Committees levels.

  • General Assistance to the Chairman:
    • Calendar and appointments.
    • Travel arrangements.
    • Drafting letters.
  • Engineering, law, business, or finance backgrounds are preferred, especially graduates from Foreign Scholarship Program الخريجون والخريجات من برنامج الابتعاث الخارجي.

  • Perfect linguistics skills in Arabic and English.

  • Strong technology skills, including MS Office, collaboration tools, efficiency tools, and presentations programs.

  • Project management, legal knowledge, and general business experience are highly valued.

  • 3-5 years of experience in related fields.
  • Strong leadership capabilities, organized, creative, works under pressure, loves achieving, fast learner, and a great communicator.

  • Preferred age is 28-35 years.

  • No gender preference.
Department: Corporate
Gender: Male/Female
Status: Open